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Hello Loves!!

You all Have Journeyed With Us...Tabari Just Turned 10mths & Thank You Lord He Is Doing Better than Well!! He Recently Just Started Daycare!! He Loves It!! Kids Back In School!! I Love It!!And With Other Things Back In Place...I Began to Feel Moreeee than Ready to Get Back To ME!! My Businesses...(@prepwlove & @loveipfy ) Ready to Settle Back In to Not Just Preaching But Opening My Calendar back up to All of My Other Pastoral! Mentoring & Counseling!! Listen I was Readyyyyy BUT Little Did I Know The Way Back to ME Would Start Like This....

I Have Been Diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer...

The Prognosis in April was Stage 4 BUT GOD!!! Every Small Win Is Still A Victory!!!

I Admit, I May Fail At Words When It Get To This Right Now...Been Taking Things One Day At a Time Doing My Best to Cope and Adjust...Since Diagnoses in April I Have Shown Up for Myself! My Family! Work! & Church! All While Juggling Multiple Dr’s Visits! Testings! Surgery & Procedures! Without Missing One Beat!(ALL GOD) But I do know in the Days to come I will Be Slowing Down Yet Again For a Bit...

The Past Few Weeks Have Been Rough as I Prepare For The Next Leg of This Uncharted Journey Called Chemo...My Flesh hasn’t done the best job at Supporting Me but My SPIRIT HAS!! And Thats Why I Chose this Picture to Share...Its Truly What My Spirit Looks Like!!And No Matter the Hardship I’ve Chosen to Count It ALL JOY!!

In This Season No One Will NEED ME MORE THAN ME!!So I’m Asking...Please Bare w/Me as I Make All the Further Necessary Adjustments Needed...Please PRAY for ME...My Family...And Know There is NO ONE I DO NOT LOVE MORE ALWAYS!!!

I Know There Maybe Harder Days Ahead But What I Am Sure Of...No Matter What Is This...”IT’S A FIXED FIGHT & We Already Won” In JESUS NAME!! And I Won’t Wait Until I Survive Tell You That I Am Surviving!!!

Love More Always,


Thank You To Everyone Who Is And Has Been Praying For & With Me!! & Most Without Even Knowing What I’ve Been Facing!! I Appreciate You!!Let’s Keep Journeying By FAITH Together!!

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